Amot Mida is one of Israel´s leading companies in the fields of renewable energy (solar farms), natural gas, the supply of merchant bars and safety barriers. Founded in 2009, the company specializes in providing comprehensive and professional solutions for its many clients in the private and public sectors alike, while constantly innovating and providing solutions to complex problems.

Solutions to International Standards

Youthful and dynamic in its approach, Amot Mida adheres to the highest standards of service and executes solutions to the highest international standards. The company is ISO 9001 certified by the Standards Institution of Israel and it employs engineers, quality and safety certified controllers, work supervisors and the foremost R&D personnel in each sector. As part of its holistic approach to designing solutions for its customers, the company runs a sophisticated workshop dedicated to handle the unique tasks required.

You are in Safe Hands

Amot Mida Group is committed to provide reliable and professional service with stringent quality control at every step along the way; from the planning and raw materials stages through the construction, finishing and maintenance.

The Company´s Strengths

  • Supply, installation and maintenance of road guardrails and safety equipment
  • Marketing all types of construction steels and steel products (including pipes, profiles, hollow sections and steel plates
  • First hand import of merchant bar, plates, pipes and profiles
  • Construction of solar farms as an integrated EPS contractor, from the planning stage all the way through connection to the grid
  • Wide range experience working with government agencies
  • Registered and certification contractor for Netivei Israel (the National Transport Infrastructure Company)


Among Our Clients
  • The Israeli Ministry of Defense
  • National Transport Infrastructure Company
  • Ortam-Malibu
  • The Gindi Group
  • Shikun & Binui / Solel Boneh
  • Israel Electric Corporation
  • And many more leading companies in Israeland abroad