Solar energy

Amot Mida Group is a leader in the renewable energy sector. The group’s special expertise in the construction of solar energy farms has been implemented to construct a wide range of large scale projects in Israel. Although the company was originally founded to provide high-quality solutions for all aspects of roadway barriers and safety equipment, the management soon realized that the engineering equipment at its disposal could also provide optimal solutions for the ever increasing number of solar farms under construction in Israel. Step by step, the Company entered the field of renewable energy and rapidly earned a reputation as a leading, quality oriented company in the field.


Amot Mida has a special division devoted to renewable energy. That division is responsible for the installation of photovoltaic solar farms, including thermo-solar power plants throughout Israel. As one of Israel’s largest companies in the field, Amot Mida provides reliable, highly professional services to all the Israeli infrastructure developers and to developers abroad. Amot Mida is a pioneer in solar technology, and the company’s innovative, high-quality “Solar Table” solutions constitute services that previously supplied only by foreign suppliers. The technological systems and software available from Amot Mida provide the exceptional accuracy that required throughout the renewable energy field. The Group employs engineers, quality controllers, work supervisors, certified safety controllers and top development personnel, who work together to provide the best optimal, tailor made solution for each individual client.

Spearheading Solar Energy

One of the company’s outstanding projects is at Ashalim in the Negev region, where Amot Mida is constructing a 121 MW thermo-solar energy site in cooperation with and as subcontractor for the international company BrightSource and GE. The work at Ashalim includes assembly and installation of the 50,000 heliostats, excavation and infrastructure work, cable laying and electrical work. Amot Mida Clients include:

  • BrightSource
  • STI Norland
  • Energix Group
  • Conecon
  • Belectric


Natural Gas

Over recent years, public awareness of the vital importance of environmental protection has grown exponentially. Aside from the ethical and environmental considerations, environmental protection also has economic advantages. Industrial enterprises and public institutions found out that a commitment to clean energy means significant cost savings and higher operating profits.

Double Savings: Clean and Lower Cost

With more and more natural gas projects gaining momentum, industrial plants are being connected to national grid of gas supply lines and will benefit from significantly reduced operating costs. Following the historically significant discovery of a large gas deposits in the Mediterranean Sea, the Israeli government is taking steps to leverage these findings. A wide variety of industries will start to use natural gas in the near future as a low cost and clean replacement for other fossil fuels, such as fuel oil, diesel fuel and other petroleum products, which cost more and produce an environmental pollution. As part of this transition, Amot Mida Group will start to install gas lines, which will connect large number of industrial plants to the national gas grid. The company is proud to be part of this important and meaningful challenge, which opens the way to greater industrial efficiency and a clean energy revolution.