The merchant bar marketing division at Amot Mida specializes in providing high-quality solutions for clients in all the different types and grades of steel. As a company that committed to uncompromising, high-quality service, Amot Mida completes both simplex and highly complex projects to the highest professional standards.

Steel Importer

The company employs quality controllers, work supervisors, and top R&D personnel to ensure that every customer will benefit from the optimal solution for the optimal solution for his/her needs. As part of that unique service, the company runs a special workshop producing the custom tailored solutions required for complex projects.
Amot Mida Group is an official importer of steel; it is not a go-between dealing with external suppliers. Therefore, the company’s customers are guaranteed a high quality, first hand, low cost product. The company markets hollow section, H and U profile, merchant bar, pipes, plates and many other steel products.

Constant Innovation

Merchant bars are used for many different purposes: Heavy construction, prefabricated structures, earthquake reinforcement projects, construction and roadwork site fencing, metalwork shops, gates, outdoor signs, pipes, angle iron –the list is endless. The company’s customers include: The Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israel Electric Corporation, Shikun & Binui / Solel Boneh, the Gindi Group, Ortam-Malibu, Hametoeset, Shafir, and more…

To provide the optimal solution for every client, Amot Mida innovates, guarantees reliable service, cooperates with companies in Israel and abroad and uses only the highest quality raw materials.