Amot Mida Group specializes in the design, manufacture, assembly, and installation of road safety barriers, guardrails and safety equipment in many configurations. The company sets the pace in the field of road safety equipment and among its other activities; the company is a certified contractor for the National Transport Infrastructure Company. The services supplied to that company include the installation of safety barriers, guardrails and impact absorbers by highly skilled teams.

Engineering a top-standard solution

Amot Mida Group provides comprehensive engineering solutions for contractors, and executes complex projects to the highest standards. The company´s clients include some of Israel´s largest private, public and government agencies. They include the Israeli Ministry of Defense, regional councils and municipalities, the Israel Electric Corporation, and more…In the fields of safety barriers and electrical fences, Amot Mida is the key player in the industry, for example, the company manufactured and installed the security fence along the Israeli-Egyptian border.