Solar Energy


Amot Mida Offers a Wide Range of Solar Solutions Using Advanced Products and Technologies

Ground mounted solar

Ground Mounted

Amot Mida specializes in the construction and installation of ground mounted solar fields, with unrivaled professionalism, efficiency, and precision

Parking solar

Parking and Constructions

The company offers solar parking solutions and construction solutions embedded with solar energy to provide roofing over sports fields, cemeteries etc

Rooftop solar

Roof Tops

Amot Mida implements solar energy projects on commercial roof Tops while ensuring safety and quality



Amot Mida provides floating solar energy solutions for water reservoirs, making optimal use of the reservoir area


Solar Fencing

The solar fence solution offers a perfect combination of security solution and energy production. The fence can include advances security technologies and lighting

Floating solar


Leading solutions, which optimally combine the needs of the farmer and the outputs from the application of solar energy, in greenhouses, fish ponds, field crops, orchards and pastures