Our Services


Amot Mida develops and invests in a variety of renewable energy projects. The contract with the landowner is tailored to the customer's needs while maximizing the income from the project. The company has a proven ability to develop the project from the initiation stage, through the construction to the ongoing maintenance.

Project Development

Set up and Construction

The company sets up complex projects, and provides a solution for all phases of the project, including economic feasibility reports, dealing with the regulatory and licensing aspects, technical planning and procurement, integrating construction work as needed, setting up the energy project itself – solar energy application, energy storage and charging stations up to the operating stage.

Ongoing maintenance throughout the project life leads to an increase in energy outputs and as a result an increase in revenue. Maintenance and management services include planning a periodic maintenance plan, ongoing implementation of the plan and monitoring ongoing metrics and troubleshooting.

Maintenance and Management

Product Distribution

Amotmida represents leading companies in the field of renewable energy. This representation enables the company to offer its customers advanced products and services, of excellent quality and at a competitive price.